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New Balance has several shoes that have additional features that add arch support. Typically they are categorized as stability shoes, but some motion control shoes also have very good arch in them as well. If you are in need of allot of arch support, that may go beyond what the typical shoe may provide than we suggest getting an arch support insert as well.

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Arch support shoes are an ideal choice for anyone who has experienced foot pain due to high or low arches. Supports are often placed in the shoe to provide better comfort, making it easier to walk for longer periods of time. Many shoe companies, such as New Balance, offer shoes that come with these supports already in place, removing the need to purchase additional supports. Different varieties are available, such as flexible mesh shoes and enhanced comfort soles. Many of these shoes offer a light weight and comfortable walking or running experience compared to more traditional shoes.

The type of support needed for arches often depends upon the type of lifestyle or use for the shoe, as this can vary greatly. Some many need a shoe that is supportive for a long day of walking, such as work, while others may prefer an athletic design for running or sports. Many New Balance shoes are popular for their exceptional arch support, which provides the wearer with comfort for any type of activity. Several of the New Balance lines are recommended for those who are on their feet frequently for work, as well as popular choices for those who may have excess weight. Certain models are ideal for those who are heavier than average, as additional support may be needed for maximum comfort when walking.

New Balance Walking shoes 846 or 927 models, are designed to provide greater support for arches. Shoes are also available for diabetics who may need better support when walking or running, and there are many shoes that provide this. When choosing an arch support shoe, it is important to consider any other special needs, such as gel cushioning. Flexible soles often resist compression, which can reduce fatigue during heavy movement or longer periods of standing.