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A flat foot usually characterized by flexibility and inward tilt of the heel (valgus), and an outward flair of the forefoot (abduction). This foot is more flaccid and requires more control from the shoe.

Shoe Recommendations:
New Balance recommends a shoe with a higher arch or a shoe with additional stability features.

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Flat-footed people, whether they're athletes or people who simply stand or walk during the day, tend to have a much higher occurrence of shin splints, tendonitis, knee pain, and back issues. Infants are generally born with very flat feet but as the feet grow they develop the arch shape. However, being flat-footed is becoming much more common. By wearing shoes with arch support through your formative years, and even through adult hood, it is possible to train your feet to have an arch using shoes with accurate foot arch support like New Balance.

The only exception to the idea of arch training is when the loss of arch is caused by extreme injury which will most likely require correction by a surgeon. Injuries include crushed or broken bones, displaced or destroyed ligaments, crushed feet, and abnormal growths such as extra bones, spurs, and calcium deposits on the bones on of the foot. After the surgery it will most likely be recommended that you wear shoes with arch support or use an orthotic insert in your shoe. New Balance has designed arch supporting shoes to fit every flat footed person and various lifestyles. By choosing the correct gender and lifestyle listed below, New Balance can help you find the best support and shoe to help ease and thwart the pain of flat feet.

By reducing overpronation, the turning inward of the feet, due to imbalances in flat feet, New Balance shoes can help lower the cases of tendonitis, pain of the knee or lower back, and other injuries. Not only does the New Balance brand offer great arch support, but they are lightweight as well which helps with shin splints, ankle pain, and general soreness caused by wearing heavier orthopedic shoes. For all the benefits of expensive medical inserts, light weight and great style, check out the line of arch supportive New Balance shoes.