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Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition caused by excessive wear to the plantar fascia of the foot, or biomechanical faults that cause abnormal pronation of the foot. The pain usually is felt on the underside of the heel, and is often most intense with the first steps of the day. It is commonly associated with long periods of weight bearing or sudden changes in weight bearing activity. Obesity, weight gain, jobs that require a lot of walking on hard surfaces, shoes with little or no arch support, and inactivity are also associated with the condition.

Shoe Recommendations:
We recommend a shoe with a soft heel, and a significant arch. During check out you may want to add the pressure relief insert.

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Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that affects the connective tissue in the arch of the foot known as the plantar fascia. Damage to the plantar fascia can cause extreme discomfort and pain in the foot and heel. Inflammation occurs when small tears develop in the connective tissue along the arch of the foot. The extent of the damage contributes to the overall pain that a person suffering from plantar fasciitis may experience. Pain among the heel may be experienced following long periods of inactivity such as in the morning hours, or after prolonged activity.

Many people may not realize that wearing inappropriate footwear is a common cause of plantar fasciitis. To prevent further stress to the plantar fascia, proper footwear should be considered for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. It is important to find a shoe that provides as much support as possible to reverse the damage to the plantar fascia and to help alleviate the pain. New Balance shoes offer the support to the heel and the arch of the foot needed to help relieve the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

Casually stylish and comfortable, New Balance offers shoes that allow plantar fasciitis sufferers to experience comfort while repairing the damage to their feet. For runners, New Balance running shoes provide extreme comfort and padding where it is needed so they can continue to do what they enjoy. New Balance offers a wide variety of stylish shoes to choose from to make it possible for anybody to find a model that is right for them and their condition.