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New Balance offers different shoe types for people with different types of foot shapes and arch types. New Balance also offers shoe that are specifically for people that are over weight.

If you are Over Weight
We strongly recommend that you look at the New Balance 1123 Running Shoe for motion control running, the New Balance 1011 Running Shoe for high stability running, and the New Balance 927 Walking shoe for motion control walking.

How do the numbers work?
The numbers act like a general guideline for the products. In most cases the higher the number the better the shoe. Here is how its broken down...

1. There are four basic categories of shoes on our site. Running, Walking, Training and Tennis.

2. With-in those four categories there are three sub categories. Cushioning, Stability, and Motion Control.

3. With-in these three sub categories you will find several shoes with several numbers. Most of the shoes on our site begin with the 500 or 600 series. So for example in the stability running category you may find a 600, 700, 800 up to 1900 series shoe or even higher. The higher the number in this sub category (stability) the more technology to support this category, the higher quality materials, and the higher grade of cushioning will be present. As you will note the price tends to get higher as well.

There are exceptions to everything including the series numbers. One exception may be if you have a foot condition. We may have had tremendous feed back on a particular shoe like the New Balance 840 series for conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis. Even though the 840 series is not the highest number in the Motion Control Walking Category, we still have had more success over other series numbers that may be higher. Body Type, as mentioned above New Balance makes specific shoes for heavier people so they are better for the heavier customer even though they don't have the highest series number. There are a few other exceptions and if you have any questions please give us a call at toll free 1-877-573-1141.

Cushioning Shoes
Shoe that are labeled cushioning are typically for the average foot type, and body build. They can range from good cushioning to better depending on the series number. For example the 993 will have better features than the 758 etc... They have good arch support, but not enhanced. Typically these shoes are for people with normal arches, or high arches.

Stability Shoes
Stability shoes and cushioning shoes are very similar in every way except one. The stability shoe has enhanced inner foot support and arch support. The level of this support will depend on the series number. The higher the series number with in the stability category the more support they will provide. Typically these shoes are for people with low arches and flat feet. Lack of support can cause foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

Motion Control Shoes
A motion control shoe is for people who need maximum support on both the inner and outer sides of the foot. The motion control features such as the roll bar help correct your gait while walking or running and provide excellent enhanced arch support, and heel control. You will find that many of our walking shoes are motion control, and we highly recommend people who are walking to wear walking shoes.